Anapilis - Lunar Teardrops lyrics

So sad your earthly heaven
And they who pick its fruits
They feel the taste of silty knees
And kisses of hypocrisy

It's pity for the ones
Who cry and dream in distance
In distance of your empty orbits
Where tears rain down

We saw the credulous persons
Who've picked the fruits of pain
In garden of the great love
They shine like sour - sweet treason

Just dream about Saana full of the acid leaves
About the crown of pearls more darker than the trees
There is a smell of flowers like waves of purple seas
And what concerning pearls? It's only poison tears

The warmest palms of stormy evenings
Have closed the flowers blossoms
Forgive me, girl of joyful sorrow
Don't pierce me with your sweetness

Beside this I am still watching
So sombre thoughts and visions
Inside the brightest eyes of wisdom
My soul lays naked for no reason