Anaktorian - The End Of A Tunnel lyrics

I feel so depressed.The feeling is freezing my heart
I can't find an escape from this
It's getting bigger, it's growing
It tells me that life is not worth of living

I take a knife into my hands.
Hoping that the blade is sharp enough to incise my skin

I'm pushing the knife deeper into my flesh
Feels like the bone is ready to accept the blade

But then i see the light. The End of a Tunnel is getting nearer
Feels like sun rays are warming up my body.... i'm melting

Starting to think "what the hell was I doing"
Some kind of "momentary aberration"
I take the knife and the "depressed mood", I throw them to the "otherside"
The "otherside" is in my past now. But it will stay in my mind... forever

I don't want to feel ever again that i were in the middle of a tunnel
It was Hell... and Hell is not the place for me.
My place is here, now and forever with my beloved