Anachronaeon - Letter To Nancy lyrics

"You know I worked for a top secret government unit.
It's true that we found alien DNA.
The goal was to create the perfect soldier by
mixing the supreme genes of mankind with the strong,
but unpredictible alien DNA.
When I learned about the sideeffects I wanted out.

When you read this letter
I'm most likely dead
The things I'll regret most
are the things I never said

They're already among us
appearing as human beings
They may take our planet
but they can never take our dreams

So I wrote this letter
to make sure that you would flee
With the information I know of
it's not safe to be around me

I should've never accepted this job
now I'm in too far, too deep
They are too powerful
and mankind is too weak

Remember me dear, please don't forget
Don't let my memory fade
Maybe we'll meet in a better place
somewhere far from today

Some say our actions echo through time
Mine will echo through eternity
I hope some day mankind will understand
Playing god has consequences, why didn't I see"