Ana Popovic - Need Your Love lyrics

Thers something in the water
Ou sho 'nuff fine

The way u phase me,
you drive me crazy
The pleasures all mine

From the very first day I saw you
You became my fantasy
My inspiration
and soul salvation
you will be

I said I need you
I need ya love love love
you give me fever yeah
I need ya love love love

redefining beauty
With the face of an angel lawd
I'm at your mercy so never desert me
I'll do anything for you

And everybody's talkin'
'bout the crazy things you do
But look at me now
Does It look like I care
You know what i'm waiting for

So check me baby tell me what you see
'cuz every night i got you on my mind

So pull me closer
'cuz I prayed for you
And now you're here with me
You got me on my knees for you