Ana Popovic - Don't Bear Down On Me (I'm Here To Steal The Show) lyrics

We've been sitting at this table
For what seems a thousand years
You've been giving me your story
It's ringin' in my ears
Yes I know that Iife is hard
And I know you've paid your dues
But I'm a stranger to the thought of simply
Livin' with the blues.

Don't bear down on me
I'm a woman, still got some time to go
Don't bear down on me
I'm here to steal the show.

All the loves that you have lost
and all them gains that fell apart
Every slap you felt across your face
You blew it from the start
I can't live the life you do
Cause I'm tough and I am true
It don't take too much intelligence
To figure a way through.

Don't bear down on me ...

So every woman, every man,
It ain't that hard to understand
You can't gratefully receive
If you're no holding out your hand
When that rain is falling down
You just head for higher ground
Ain't no hiding from the road beyond
Just shout your name out loud !