An0maly - Higher (2012)

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An0maly - Higher lyrics

[Verse 1: An0maly]
It kinda feels like I've been here too long
People telling me that I should move on
It's kinda funny, people try to judge me
Once I get money they come around n' try to hug me
I do this for the fans who loved me when I had nothing,,
Just a little buzz, webcam, n' a dutchie
Now they say that you guys I ain't going
Something growing, something over flowing
Something no one can show when they go in
I know it's dope shit, cause these dudes try to copy me
But they always do it sloppily, Shit I write it's not for free
There is only one An0maly
The rest are clones no Apologizes, I just wanna lie to trees
To get higher, light it with a fire, just to get by
Or show em you can do it is what ever you try for
Just as long as you elevate, never let them tell you wait

[Hook] (x2)
Let this be my little secret
No one needs to know what I'm feeling
And everybody get... [Higher (x6)]

[Verse 2: An0maly]
Don't ever let em hold you down
Keep going 'til you float in clouds
Provoke the sounds of angles, tell em hey you
Mind if I hit the Heavens n' bring some Grey Goose
I ain't tryna stay through, only have a drink with God
Ask him why will he kill us all
Can we sing the song and get higher, get wired
Gimme some buds I got a lighter, I be just a writer
Really tryna make it with my poetry
They feel it when the flow is deep
Feel it when they know its me
So acidic with the spoken scheme
I'm trippin' from the coldest dream
Over seas with my music, It feels stupid man
Cause it used to be a useless plan
Now my future is super rad
Don't ever let em hold you down
Keep going 'til you float in clouds

[Hook] (x2)

[Verse 3: An0maly]
This world is a business
If you're not with the mix you get shifted
Gotta be in it to win it, But I be in it to spit it
Ridiculous critics n' tell em that my vision is different
I'm kickin' the rhythm, most could not fathom
My dabble, splitting atoms n' turning plasma into gravel
This is a travel, violation
If you try to make it inside my paint without any kinda of payment
No hatred, inside my matrix
I Can't be around those vibes
I count my highs n' lows n' I find a flow
In a place they describe with hope
So I'm kinda broke, but not worried
I'm not hurried, Make it rain I got flurys
Want that fire, got that choir
Everybody sing along and get higher!

[Hook] (x3)

[Higher (Several times fading out)]