An Pierlé - Where Did It Come From? lyrics

Where did this come from?
It suddenly pops its head
I thought it so wonderful
Heart to heart with you in the unmade bed
We'd make the difference
We'd go all the way, never settle for less
So in love so obsessed

We climbed a mountain
We fell like we flew
Too fast, too soon
We drank from the fountain
I fed on your words
I was drunk with you
But just when I was mellow
Words like poisoned arrows


You think you think ugly thoughts
You think there's no one with such a black heart as yourself
You hate yourself for losing
You hate yourself for seducing me when you felt down
How? Do you think
I know so well what's going on?

I know I've hurt you too
And turned my back on you
I've been letting us fall apart

Is it really so embarrassing
To be truly naked darling?
Show me you've got the heart

Where does it come from?
I see you are hurting
Your burden is bending your back
Could it be undone?
Don't you see I'm jus' trying to talk
When you think I attack
Then stay undercover
Poor ungrateful lover