An Pierlé - Suburban Skies lyrics

Excellent view
I fly in the sun and think of you
My heart in my boots
I've been told what to do
Just following orders
The world seems so small
Marklin trains
Moving miniature dolls
Blinded by light
While I cut through the blue
Will I fall for the good of us all?
Live to marry you?

For a while the suburban skies turn burgundy
After the fire I'll return to my own desires

Down here we've been told about burning birds
And hearts of coal
Could it be true?
In my mind there's only fire
For you, only for your
Always in fear
Always expect to wake and hear
The sirens and drones
We will hide in the ground
Pray to God
Not to be found
Not to fall here

For a while the suburban skies turned burgundy
After the fire we were left with burned out desires

The old world's gone
There's no return to what's been
What different memories we shall have
And we'll both have to go on
'Cause what's been done has been done
The guild, the anger, the cost
The future, the happiness lost
The turning

For a while the suburban skies were burning
After the fire we were left with estranged desires