An Angle - Flicker Of A Cigarette lyrics

You're an empty bottle of whisky, yes you were a beatuiful taste
and you are a reoccuring women yes you have different shapes
and you said your design is so simple my dear
but you look like you have jumped in too much color
and now your ghost is so unnoticable
you are so unnoticable
you were the flicker of my cigarette
and now my pencil has made a painting
of your sweet embrace
and between all these lines and poems
stands a shape of you (x 3)
and now your a prisoner of your shadow,you have kept the key
and you leave me here to witness all your new lovers
and maybe your lover will look like your father
and if you said that you even cared about me
than you'd be calling me right now
yes you would be calling me right now
but you would never pick up that phone now,would you,no you only care about yourself
the truth is that I killed myself again, but I was reborn
and its almost as if time is just torture
and I want myself to feel no more
and the only thing I ever wished for my dear is that you placed me upon your wall and said 'this is something beatuiful,this is something unique,and I love the way you move me, I love the way you speak'