Amy Winehouse - Like Smoke (feat. Nas) (Lioness: Hidden Treasures Album) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Hook]
, I never wanted you to be my man
, I just need your company
, Don’t want to get dependent...

Amy Winehouse - Like Smoke (feat. Nas) (Lioness: Hidden Treasures Album) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]

EN: I never wanted you to be my man
ZH: 我不想你是我的人

EN: I just need your company
ZH: 我只被需要您的公司

EN: Don’t want to get dependent on
ZH: 不想依赖

EN: Your time then lose the way you love me
ZH: 你的时间然后失去你爱我的方式

EN: Like smoke, I hung around in the unbalanced
ZH: 如烟,我徘徊在不平衡

EN: Wooooah, ohh
ZH: Wooooah,哦

EN: [Verse 1: Nas]
ZH: [诗歌 1: Nas]

EN: It’s not a movie, this is not a script or proofread
ZH: 它不是一部电影,这不是一个脚本或校对

EN: I’ll spit some untruths to dumb fools and groupies
ZH: 我会吐一些谎言哑傻瓜和歌迷

EN: Fun to punctuate, pronunciate the funds I make
ZH: 有趣的哂笑,pronunciate 我做的资金

EN: ? put in your face
ZH: ?放在你的脸

EN: Oh my mistake, you’re not a floosy? Then excuse me
ZH: 哦我的错,你不是 floosy 吗?然后原谅我

EN: Before I talk, my style introduced me
ZH: 我讨论之前,我的风格我介绍

EN: Get your name and phone number like 1-2-3
ZH: 1-2-3 一样你的名字和电话号码

EN: Y’all know the story, y’all know the commentary
ZH: 你们都知道这个故事,你们都知道,评注

EN: I kick the narrative, this is legendary
ZH: 我踢的叙述,这就是传说中

EN: The good Samaritan, hood thespian
ZH: 好撒玛利亚人,敞篷演员

EN: Like a polygamist, with a twist
ZH: 像一夫多妻,一搓

EN: Will I marry again? Maybe, I guess
ZH: 会再结婚吗?也许,我猜

EN: I hold a lady’s interest, I just met
ZH: 一位女士的吸引,我刚见过

EN: The love scholar, she the teacher’s pet
ZH: 爱学者,她老师的宠物

EN: Every other eve we meet and make each other sweat
ZH: 每个其他平安夜我们满足和让对方汗

EN: I feel triumphant, no strings
ZH: 我觉得胜利,没有字符串

EN: Just a fling to have fun with
ZH: 只是一时的冲动,有的乐趣

EN: I be out in London, Camden
ZH: 我可以出去了在伦敦的卡姆登

EN: Huntin’ for the answers, why did God take away the homie?
ZH: 打猎用的答案,为什么上帝要走兄弟?

EN: I can’t stand it
ZH: 我不能忍受

EN: I’m a firm believer that we all meet up in eternity
ZH: 我坚信,我们都在永恒里见面

EN: Just hope the big man show me some courtesy
ZH: 只是希望大男人给我看的一些礼节

EN: Why? ‘Cause I’m deemed a heart breaker
ZH: 为什么呢?因为我认为我的心脏断路器

EN: Like smoke, girls lean ‘round a player
ZH: 如烟,女孩精益 ' 圆的球员

EN: Yeaha
ZH: Yeaha

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]

EN: [Verse 2: Nas]
ZH: [诗歌 2: Nas]

EN: Yo, this recession is a test
ZH: 哟,这次经济衰退是一个测试

EN: It’s affecting my complexion
ZH: 它会影响我的肤色

EN: Misdirection my affection
ZH: 误导我的感情

EN: My concerns are bill collections
ZH: 我担心的是条例草案 》收藏

EN: The facts is the taxes, they after me
ZH: 事实是税,他们后我

EN: Chapter three, my property
ZH: 第三章,我的财产

EN: My handlers, they dealt with me improperly
ZH: 我处理程序,它们处理我不当

EN: I say some things I should probably keep privately
ZH: 有些话我应该把私人

EN: Evaluate the world bank trusts like I’m IEG
ZH: 我的腿像评价世界银行信托基金

EN: Those fly suites and my boojwazi
ZH: 那些飞套房和我 boojwazi

EN: Tall freak, she wouldn’t protest with me at Wall Street
ZH: 高大的怪物,她就不会抗议和我一起在华尔街

EN: She says, no you’re so deep
ZH: 她说,没有你是如此之深

EN: I said, no let’s go through it
ZH: 我说,不让我们通过它去

EN: Historically so ruthless feds came for Joe Louis
ZH: 从历史上看所以无情联邦调查局来的乔 · 路易斯

EN: She said, my man you need to laugh sometimes
ZH: 她说,你要笑,有时我人

EN: Classify me as a whore, I tell her have some wine
ZH: 将我归类为一个妓女,我告诉她有一些酒

EN: You colder than penguin poo, in her dismay
ZH: 你比企鹅粪便,她沮丧地冷

EN: She’s thinkin’ that’s just so silly to say
ZH: 她在想 ' 这就是只傻得去说

EN: But if you really think about it hussy
ZH: 但如果你真的那么想野丫头

EN: See a penguin, he drags his shit on the ground all day
ZH: 见到一只企鹅,他一整天都在地上拖他的货

EN: And there’s a dragon ?
ZH: 和有龙吗?

EN: I’m through with you after I crush, so is that humorous enough?
ZH: 我通过和你一起后我毁了,所以这是够幽默吗?

EN: The smoke I puff
ZH: 我吹烟

EN: Tell the car to go to Aura, Funky Buddah, Whisky Mist on Mayfair
ZH: 告诉车转到光环、 时髦 Buddah、 威士忌酒雾上梅费尔

EN: I hope I meet Monie Love so she can show me love
ZH: 我希望见到莫尼爱她可以证明我的爱

EN: NYC to UK I might stay there
ZH: 我可能会留在那里的英国到 NYC

EN: Everybody in the club tonight say, “Yeah”
ZH: 大家在俱乐部今晚说,"是的"

EN: You know how me and Amy are, straight players
ZH: 你知道我和艾米是如何,直球员

EN: [Outro]
ZH: [尾发挥]

EN: Ohh, ohh, ooooohh, ohh
ZH: 哦,哦,ooooohh,哦