Amphoteric - I Will lyrics

I will walk in the rain with you
The storms sound clear
I can see you through the music

Are you really there for me
Is this my dream come true
The answer to my prayers,
my wish upon stars is you

I will surrender my love sealed with a kiss
Placed on your gentle hand

I will walk with you in the rain, I will
do take my hand in yours, take me through the storm
oh my dear sweet baby, I will
Ask me a million questions, tell me your stories

Ramble on and babble
I cannot take myself away from your voice
from your face, from your eyes
I will be there for you

But wanting you with me,
in love already, I think

Longing for you love, lost in your sweet song
Tonight I lay my head to rest, while thoughts fill my mind
and blowing you kisses, I will