Amphoteric - Anti American lyrics

The dead and decaying were everywhere
just a bit of blood stuck in my hair
all these guns and things were thrown about
as I'm howling at the moon aloud

I shot them dead with my gun under the light of the mid day sun
some people would call me a beast

Thank your government for hipocrisy ensued
thank your politicans for things they'll never do
all this violence and this bombardment of hate
can I stop this demon that I helped create

So what would you do if your son shot at columbine
if your boy was molested by a priest
these questions keey haunting me in side of my brain
so why can't we go out all the way

So why do you think I am evil and why do you think I'm wrong
This world is a mess of insecurities with hypocrites all along the path
So why do you blame me?