Amon Düül II - Blue Grotto lyrics

(Ludwig, Ludwig
Ludwig, du bist so wunderbar
Ach Ludwig, du machst mich wahnsinnig)

Where did you lose your smile
Your blue eyes
Are dark from sadness
Your baby-face
Is pale from madness
Your knee fascinates me
Sensitive Dandy
Knight of the moonlight
Your kiss-proof make-up
Is melting at midnight
Prince of desire
Hypnotized by candlelight
You are so
Impertinent unreal
Curly King
Ecstasy is your possession
And not daily policy
Crawl 'round the Blue Grotto
Arm in arm with brother Otto

Swan-stoned Ludwig
You missed your flight to Disneyland
Where all your fantasies
Came to a plastic end
Swan-stoned Ludwig
You failed to find your princess
Playing with castles and coaches
Ends in distress
Perfumed panther is watching the pleasure-ground
Dreamer of a self-made Atlantis

It was denied, to you to slay
Young Siegfried's mighty dragon
To join King Arthur's conference-table

Go down and meet, Ophelia
On her swimming bed of roses
She's the one to hold your hands

Sailing away, sailing away, sailing away
On velvet gloves and silky legends
To the Empire-Skyscraper-castle
You Royal-fairy-tale-rebel