Aminion - Flesh Eternal lyrics

My face draped with terror as the dawn takes you away
Yet the sun forever sets in my soul
As I dream of taking you into infinity
And to experience your flesh for all of eternity

My dearest wish to be your savior from lonely nights
To kiss they neglected lips and be unto you as Jesus Christ
For I know not when I shall see you again
So let us indluge in our fantasies of sin

Now take my hand
For you are the infintile center of my universe

I wish not to violate you but rather to embrace you

Allow me to drain thee of they crimson life force
Fear not for my reasons are not malicious
Our only chance together is to turn your nights to days
For this is not death, now let me feed, and your life shall sustain

I have worshipped you from afar for too long
And have been tortured by fornicating thoughts
I beg you to sacrifice your mortality
And to walk the night forever next to me
If you turn away
I shall be damned by fate
To forever be without you