Amia Venera Landscape - Empire lyrics

Standstill at your tomb,
As silence eats your lungs.
New life grows into me,
Condeming what your love never did.

Confessions of dim sounds,
Will come surrounding.

You and your blank lights through black.
Dead dawns.
Rivers of true passion will flow in our eyes now.

Lines of scarlet blood won't control my intentions on this day.

But there's no light aligned,
To show the heaven.
There's no turning back.

Burnt lips yell at what you only need.
God's last death.
And rise again to embrace the life that flows.

There's no way for you.

Time collapsed in your arms.
Before you took this tight will - hanged on my neck.
Reason flows in your fearless wounds.

Ten years passed by as we spelt words of disbelief.


Wait here they'll come,
Seeking all the pride you've left.
Time erased what I can't forget.
Demon's love faded through your veins.
Stars are god's trophy.
Could I ever see his great design?