American Radio Runaway - Sorry About The Shoes lyrics

When I go to sleep we both know what that means.
I'll have our pictures plastered behind my eyelids.
Dreams come like waves of memories and summer days. Couches, cool breezes, beautiful awkward silences.

I've been here since 10:45.
You have been caught in the corner of my eye.
And it's too much...

I will pretend, I'm not paying attention to every move you make. And my hands are shaking from anticipation of the next word that you say, I pray it's not goodbye, goodnight.

I'm not gonna leave until the leaves start changing,
I'll stay until snow hits the ground, if you let me
You're at your best when dressed in the deepest shade of spring lets stay until the world is green again

Caught off guard by a smile that could level mountains
Blind-folded, bound, and gagged, and taken hostage.
Your eyes cut through me.
Open heart surgery
I've never met a sweeter friend than the one I have.