American Minor - All My Time lyrics

I had every reason
I should've held back but I had to believe that something
was better than nothing at all

she said "you been leaving, seems like every time I turn around
you've been chasing something, I just can't take it no more"

all my time and money will be gone
out of reach, but i'll be coming home

hey where are you gonna run to?
who are you gonna to,?
are you gonna run to me?
oh oh oh
hey where are you gonna turn to?
who are you gonna turn to?
are you gonna turn your back on me?

baby it's plain to see
a little hard to believe
I can't give what I'm receiving away
don't come down on me
sleepless nights on the wire
seems like every time you're not around
I'm burning down
won't you save a place for me on down the line?

baby you know we came a long long way
when they'd refuse you
you could fall in my arms and sway
together we departed but now we drift away
we can't finish what we started yeah