Amenti (Blr) - Like Tears lyrics

For many years of decadence they bleed, they die in the blaze of pain,
painfully painting waters by blood after midnight and no life.

Silent water smooth surface reflects a night from itself like a mirror in the darkness.
Night shadows fall on it, flaming dance, blackening like a coffin lid.
Graves are all around, on a lake, under it. It's filled up with tears and pain of the killed.
Sinister whisper draws in silence to mortify those who don't know about death.

Murders at midnight... silent scream's heard from underwater.
Throes, fire lights up their eyes to wreak one's anger.

Go towards death in pain, bleeding red in the night (the time to suffer has come).
Watching the slow death of others, all of you've already died. Nobody could survive.
Spirits of those who died, angry, rise above the graves, slaying with a sense of vast desire.
Bloody twilight of the past, it compels them to avenge themselves. The water turns a blood shade of red.

Another night of decadence, another corpse for living dead,
Another night of the touch of a scythe, another tear in the lake.

When the daylight dies in skies, midnight falls to the graves, the murderer calls, "come home".
There is no way back, the spirits thirst fresh blood, the scythe is near a neck.
Flesh is covered by deep slits; a wild scream pierces the silence, lil' by lil', hate disappears.
How much torments for one death? Gore for the sake of the corpse, how much anger to murder.

Bloodred and flayed, fast-flowing streams of blood from defunct.
Terror, blaze, wraithes wreak vengeance upon living.

(Dead wake up!)