Amen Corner - Awakening Of Evil lyrics

Raise yourself, raise yourself, oh almighty Camos
Listen me, open your eyes, open your eyes and come, come and triumph
yes triumph again
Is death a reality, yes, but for you, o mighty Camos
The rebirth is a virtue...
Come oh, father, let's triumph, our friends wait for us
The moment arrived, let's kill the imposers
And blood and heaven...
Spread the fear, spread deth and suffering around the
followers of the weak, we must burn their temples
Enjoy the virgins, the wonderful sisters
With their ardent and desirable pussy.... Lucifer's power win
Pleasures overcome the faith, Flesh is more tasty than vegetables
Camos. lord of pleasures, wake up, come
The world waits for us. God quakes like a gren stick
He knows, yes, god knows, cause evil woke again