Ameer Vann - Disconsolate (2014)

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Ameer Vann - Disconsolate lyrics

Mostly i am hoping
That I will end up floating
Because my only way of coping is
And snorting
And popping
My brain and soul are rotten
I promised no more toxins
But I can't seem to stop it
Alone and nauseous
And rocking
Back and forth
Darling please save me from my dreams
Im the devil in the flesh
For your touch I only fiend
I am broken
Please don't leave
I promise I can kick it
Just don't tear away from me
This mix of love and ecstasy
Your loving skin pressed to me
This destiny
You put a hex on me
But you left me all alone
In the dark
In the cold
Where the winds cut deep into my bones
So to cope
I have chosen overdose
An elixir
Some twisted mixture of my favorite mistress
And sip it
Just to close the distance
Maybe then you'll get it
That this shit is everything I've invested in it
This holds the keys to my love and existence