Amedeus - The Lepers, The Liars, And The Heroes For Hire lyrics

Futile are the blind leading the blind
Yet so few choose to see
Who will help the cripple while so few choose to stand?
We the people of this fallen world embrace our disease
With so much transgression and backstabbing
(There is escape from every vice, if we look to His nailed pierced hands and sacrifice)
Apathy is our identity and honor means nothing to modern man
And our struggles and trials are many
So we forget again and again and again
With broken arms for
the faint of heart
Unhearing ears for those filled with fear
Lips that will not speak the truth
And blind eyes for those who refuse to see
What have we become?
I'll set a good example if the price is right
Sure I'll play the hero if he gets the gal tonight
We have all become victims of deterioration