Amber Brown Vision - Hey Ann lyrics

howdy there stranger. its been days since i've seen you last, and p.s. i forgot to tell you how uninterested i am in everything about you. this scarf is choking me now, and i can't pull myself together. i've only known you one month, but it feels like i've known you forever. and all my friends feel the same, they tell me you're wonderful. hey ann, why don't you come over, my mom said "it's alright"...hey man, i don't think its happening, i don't think tonite. you could cut my hair, you could cut my heart out. hey there, i'm leaving you alone know, its time for me to make my way back home. it's not because i want to, it's not so much about you, it's just the way i'm feeling about you. you could cut my heart out.