Amazing Blondel - Celestial Light lyrics


Verse 1
Sparkling dew soaks the dawn grass,
Announcing the nightime's decay
Morning larks on the lawns massed
Signify a new born day
Welcomed rays that the sun casts.
Gleam brighter in every single way.
Now from the dismal gloom
Of nights incarcerate tomb
Shines your celestial light
Heavenly, sacred sight,
Shine on celestial light
A year's full cycle
Are dead and gone long ago
Lambs are playing Sherwood's arraying
Her leafy splendour for to show
Verse 2
You're as fresh as the daybreak
As radiant as the early morning sun
All the weathering of the years make
Your splendour a sight second to none
And mortals from their sleep will wake
To view you for a thousand years on.
Middle 8
Cathedral's spark set light to dark