Amarok - Hypocrisy lyrics

Temple under sign of cross...
In her only greed and pain
Temple of poisoners minds, free will and pure faith of people.

... Saint institution... Hiding dark secrets, propageted faiths of cross...
Ways cleared on the ground of ignorance and of blood not submissive fathers.

Catholic doctrines dazzling common sense premises about salvation after death and eternal life, at side ... crucified liar and murderer.

... Of god's house ... And in it lodge squalid rulers, lascivious broods and strumpets.

Temples of mendacity around us.
Rotting church, suppurating mind.
Depravation and lies for souls.
Ruse sown in us for many years.

Christian phallus of damage, he demoralizes and profanes from time immemorial,
Virginal and innocent bosoms of our children, sowing in them seeds of evil ...