Amantyde - Leavit All Behind lyrics

I’ve been the scapegoat
For disappointed desires
You mistifyed my words
To make a trap for fools

Without leavin’ me a chance
You judged’n’comdamned
I’m tryin’ to escape
From all this sensless hate!

Telll me why the fuck you talk
When you don’t know what you say
Oh it’s easy to shot a man, yeah
And always get away

I could try to forgive you
But I can’t do it forever
I could simply try to ignore
But it’s not that I feel better!

And I know for sure
I’m gonna leav’it all behind me
All their jealousy and lies
‘cause I know
Where is the truth
We’re gonna leav’it all behind us
No more pain and tears
And we’ll run away
We’re gonna leav’it all behind us
Oh their end is near
And I wait for sun
I’m gonna leav’it all behind me
Aurora will shine for me!

You cry the misery
Of your emptyness and greed
Sorry I won’t cry with you
Cause you made me hatin’ you

Oh you better wash your mouth, yeah
When you’re talkin’ about me
‘cause you are not worth the half
Of the blood you make me bleed

But if you say you’ve got
Well-grounded reasons why
Why do you avoid the clash
And don’t face me eye to eye

If you look on me so down
Why don’t you turn your eyes
Instead of preachin’ around
Why don’t you get a life?!?


You’ve said too much bullshits about me
Tell me now who are you to criticize
This time I’m gonna hiss you once for all
Tell me why’s so hard to mind your own fucks?!?