Amanda Bloom - The History Of Things To Come lyrics

You wait for your moment
You wait all your life
For something

And you tell them you're guilty
And give up your rights
For nothing

And you spend your life
Til you wake to another waking dream

With your fingers weathered to the bone
You were a child, you were broken inside and forever alone
Hear them sing, divide you at the core
Because there must be more to this than you and me
You cannot hide from the pain in this life
Give me more, more, more

Suffer delusions
And the suffering is kind
And the suffering of mind
You're creating
Do you know what you wait for
In all of this time
Still nothing is new

But you spend your life
For the sake of the beauty of what you see

Your mind is sick, your faith is well
Do you play the lies that you now sell
Your soldiers falling one by one (one by one by one)
Will they understand the truth become

The fading black of the falling snow
Out here there is too much to know
Your guards are falling one by one
In the history of things to come

(The history of things to come)

(The history of things to come)
(The history of everyone)
(A history of things to come)
(A history for everyone)

Then you lift your eyes up to the sun
Will you free your mind for everyone

Hear the voice of reason start to sing, yeah
You're not a child, you cannot only hide, oh, the beauty within

Feel the pain divide your day from night
'Cause there's so much more to this than what is seen
And, and sometimes you close your eyes to see the light
And you fight, you fight all your life

And the rules of salvation
Have offered you naught
And forsaken

Now you know what you died for
To know that divide
Is a version of the truth

So you spend your life just breathing
For the sake of the beauty of your dream