Alyssa Milano - Born To Love lyrics

You blew into my life
On the sacred winds of time
And you took control
Before I even knew
I was lost and insecure
But you made me feel so sure
Now baby I'll do anything for you

* Cause we were...
Born, born to love
Born, born to love
Born, born to lose our hearts
Born, born to love

We were ships adrift at sea
Now I'm where I want to be
In the warmth of your embrace
Where I belong

And my destiny is you
All my dreams are coming true
When I feel you close to me
I feel so strong

* Repeat

Like a flower blooms in spring
Full of all the joy you bring
It's a miracle and I just can't explain

Never felt this way before
And everything I have is yours
Baby promise me you'll
Never go away.......

* Repeat