Alvin Lee - Got To Keep Moving lyrics

You gotta keep - moving, you gotta keep - moving
Gotta keep move.......on, straight down the line
Gotta keep rolling, gotta keep rolling
Gotta keep, straight down the road

Gotta keep on moving, only way of grooving
If you really wanna - rock and roll
Gotta keep on going, only way of knowing
Right down the end of the road

Moving, Gotta keep.....moving,
Gotta keep, straight down the road...yeah !

You gotta keep - moving, gotta keep - moving
Gotta keep move.....on, straight down the road
Keep on moving !

You gotta keep on - moving, gotta keep on - moving
Gotta keep on, straight down the road
When are you gonna move for me baby ?
Well I like to - move it....move it
Move.......move.....everyone !

Keep on moving, Well I'm Moving
Yeah - moving on
Keep on moving baby - Yeah, gotta move on down the line
Well I gotta move...., yeah gotta move, move......, move......
I said I'm moving on - moving on down the line.