Altars Of Rebellion - Viking Legend lyrics

The final victory, will be mine this is my story,
this is my legacy. I lost a battle,
I´ll never lost the war.
I did a pact with the ancient gods,
I´m trapped under your spell,
I can´t scape, I´ll get my freedom,
you´re not my enemy,
now you can drink my blood,
can you hear his voice.
The hills are high and the soldiers can´t watch me,
could the wizards help me?
But is just the beginning
I´m not dead, I´m alive,
I try to run, I´m finding a way,
The ghosts bless my spirit.
I´m hide in a cave, and I miss her light.
The next day the spirit of seth asks me:
Why are you here? Are you a killer?
And I told him: I am a viking,
I´m a warrior without light,
I killed the kings and nature is my force.
Then seth called his servants and he says:
you are so strong,
your mine is like the secret of existence.
A few minutes later I had a dream and
I saw this words: "We are the beginning and the end.

Music by Andrés and Szandor
Lyrics by Szandor