Altars Of Rebellion - Infernal Paradise lyrics

I´m inside the light, I´m inside the dark,
like the eternal spirit, in a black night.
My life is in the empty space,
follow me and
I will be the secret that you need.
I have the keys of power, the salvation.
I´ll need your soul tonight.
The infernal doors are open.
Here´s the answer, here´s the storm.

Someday you´ll get to my life
like an angry wolf.
She will be the queen of darkness and we will rule the infernal paradise.
But I can´t find her perhaps
she´s from another world. Perhaps she doesn´t exist.
I know... I´m alone, I´m your nigtmare.
I´m not you master,
I´m just a disiple in the infernal paradise.

Music by Andrés, Naibaf Divad and Szandor
Lyrics by Szandor