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, Sounds like a melody
, Its a trick of my mind
, To faces bathing in the...
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Alphaville - Sounds Like A Melody (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Alphaville:
ZH: 驻阿尔法城:

EN: Sounds like a melody
ZH: 听起来像是旋律

EN: Its a trick of my mind
ZH: 其我心灵的把戏

EN: To faces bathing in the screenlight
ZH: 在 screenlight 中沐浴的脸

EN: Shes so soft and warm in my arms
ZH: 她那么软和温暖在我的怀里

EN: I tune it into the scene
ZH: 我收听它到现场

EN: My hand are resting on her shoulders
ZH: 我的手都放在了她的肩膀

EN: When were dancing away for a while
ZH: 当跳舞的时候离开一段时间

EN: Oh, were moving, were falling, we step into the fire
ZH: 哦,是移动,是在下降,我们踏进火

EN: By the hour of the wolf in a midnight dream
ZH: 每小时的狼在午夜梦

EN: Theres no reason to hurry, just start that brand new story
ZH: 有没有理由要快点,刚开始那个品牌新故事

EN: Set it alight, were head over heels in love
ZH: 集,它便落,深深相爱了

EN: Head over heels
ZH: 头上的高跟鞋

EN: The ringing of your laughter it sounds like a melody
ZH: 响你的笑声听起来像是旋律

EN: To once forbidden places well go for a while
ZH: 对一次禁止地方好去了一阵子

EN: Its the definite show
ZH: 其明确显示

EN: Our shadows resting in the moonlight
ZH: 我们休息的在月光下的阴影

EN: Its so clear and bright in your eyes
ZH: 它如此清晰的在你的眼睛明亮

EN: Its the touch of your sighs
ZH: 其触摸的你的叹息

EN: My lips are resting on your shoulder
ZH: 我的嘴唇都放在了你的肩膀

EN: When were moving so soft and slow
ZH: 所以软和缓慢移动的时候

EN: We need the extasy, the jelousy, the comedy of love
ZH: 我们需要的痴迷、 jelousy、 爱的喜剧

EN: Like the cary grants and kellys once before
ZH: 像 cary 赠款和凯利斯一次之前

EN: Give me more tragedy, more harmony and phantasy, my ***d e a r***
ZH: 给我更多的悲剧、 更多和谐与梦幻,我 * * * d e r * * *

EN: And set it alight, just starting that satellite
ZH: 并设置它纵火、 刚开始那颗卫星

EN: Set it alight
ZH: 它放火