Almost Saint - Only I Exist lyrics

Everybody around me is only me
You are with me so that I can exist, only I exist
I'm your maker
'Cause if I don't exist you don't exist for me either

Only I exist and a bit of you, but you can never overcome me, my creatures
If I don't exist you don't exist for me either

I only love you so that you love me
If you are in trouble I help you only so that it is good for me

I allow you near me so that I can suck your blood easily
It won't hurt, maybe it will be good but better for me

I'm a prisoner in my own prison
I can't escape I don't want to I am the guard as well

I'm everybody I'm you, I'm us I'm they I'm she I'm me
I'm not strong but stronger than you
Thank you that's what I need otherwise I'll die

I don't want to be more wicked than I am and I can't be better than what I am