All Too Human - Haunted lyrics

I listen to myself sometimes
And recall the things I've done
These memories
They plague me now
I struggle with my actions
These memories, have I harmed anyone?
But I'm supposed to know

Haunted by the memories
Haunted by the pain
Guilt is such a wasteful
Use of my mind
Haunted by the words
By the person I betrayed
I can't believe that I was so callous that day

It withers me
My memory churns
The past it looms
And it still burns
Like skeletons
Alive and well
In the closet, ringing the bell
Now if I can learn
From things I want to forget
I might rid myself
Of the acts that I regret
To hold on to the things
I'm lucky to have
Given what I've done

That could've been the thing
That brought it all
Crashing down....
Crashing down on me!

I will soon forget
All that I remember
If only to grasp a thought
Of one of my better days

Triumphant I sing
To all who will listen
They said I'd be the one
Who wouldn't make the grade
Well look at me now
Not how I used to be
I can look ahead
Or can I?