All Too Human - Entropy lyrics

Writhing, churning
Like a tornado
Black hole's spiral gravity
Cataclysmic forces take control
Erupt with violent energy
Hurricane lurks in the dark expanse
Disintegration in its wake

Have you ever seen
Lightning coursing straight?
Have you ever seen
Two waves exactly the same?
Can you feel the change?

Have you ever seen
Vinegar turn to wine?
Have you ever seen
Vultures waiting in line?
Have you ever seen
The downward spiral of life?

Try to remember - Hindenburg's demise
Try to imagine - death without decay
Go ahead now try to remember
Just one perfect day

Rust will form on stainless steel
Mutant virus kills vaccine
People so often disagree
Have you ever met Mr. Murphy?

Have you ever realized
The briefest pause in time?
Have you ever visualized
A world with no surprise?
Often life hangs by a thread
But your hand's not on the string
Just one slip, one push away
The rock rolls over the edge