All My Sins - To The Land Of The Shining Past (To Arkona Pt.I) lyrics

On the wings of pagan years
Through the woods where nobody has been
There I shall drop down my tears
For the justice which is losted sin

To Arkona new!
To Arkona now!

Oh, Svjatevid lord of our past
Here is your kingdom in dust,rise
Look again on four sides
Come with your brothers and sons
Ride your horse in the black sky
The source is good and lead us in the fight

Svjatevid lord of our trust
Who can tell and who lust
More than words of your light
With anger and dark in your bites
More then the signs of your beauty
More than chosen stars in infidels sky

To the shining city of the ancient winds
To Arkona to eternity now
To belowed land of the ancient seed
To Arkona to eternity now

Try to remember my name on your lips
Try to paint a picture of our flooded screams
Until the wind blows the irritating boundaries of christ
Until the world explode and fade into stars...