All Hallow's Evil - The Beauty Of Decay (V.2005) lyrics

Sometimes we find what we struggle for
but then it turns into a wreck
'cause no one minds the vulture's claws
until they're planted in your neck

As you suffer, you may cry
but we'll just feed you a lullaby

The more you struggle, the faster you sink
and this place only gets colder
but if you listen then you may just hear
The weight of the world as it's breaking your shoulders

Now take a moment to pretend
This is not the fucking end

Now take you seat as the curtain goes up
They say the world is a stage
One more regret as the lid's coming down
They say the world is a grave
So grab a bullet for your hopes and dreams
and just blow them away
'Cause that's the price that we have to pay
For the beauty of decay