All Hallow's Evil - (Part 4) Something More lyrics

There's something different about today
Slightly stranger in the same old way
Nothing hurts like it should
Nothing feels like it could

But isn't that what I wanted?

A heart that never breaks
One last tear that you'll never have to make
No more hopes and dreams
Everything is what it seems
No more risk to take
'cause everything is what you make of it

I feel so free
Nothing can ever get me
Now I feel so free
then why am I so empty?

Is this not what you thought it would be?
I thought that you couldn't wait to see
how the balance would sway with your heart run astray
Did you think there was another way?
You know it goes "ask and you'll shall receive"
and now you're saying you believe that
You're worse off than you were before
I thought you wanted something more...