All Hallow's Evil - I See Black lyrics

You know it goes away, they say
as if that makes it true
I know it hurts today, but hey
what can you do
I guess it's easy to say, you know
until it happens to you
and that's something that I have to deal with

I only wish it wasn't so damn hard
just to let things go
'cause I'm not doing so well, so far
but I hope it won't show
In case you couldn't tell
the scars should give me away
and that's something that I have to deal with
if only for another day

So now I'm picking up the pieces
to see what I can save
I only had the best intentions
but that's how the road to Hell is paved

and that's where I am
it's not by choice, but still
I'll take what I can
'cause I still hear a voice that says
I gave myself away again
we all know the song but kinda hum the words
fucked one more time but we never learn

Somehow I know that this is just another phase
and in the give and take something had to break
and now I stand amazed
That I walked away and there I stayed
but it hurts more than you'll know
I never thought this would be easy
and that's just the way it goes

And I get carried away by the things I say
at the end of the day someone had to pay
I'm just surprised I volunteered
to be the one who's cast aside
to leave it all and not know why
I won't find much comfort here
'cause I see black and I think it shows
but I really hope you'll never know
what it's like to feel this alone
and I guess that I will never learn
another bridge that's fucking burned
and just because I say I'm alright
doesn't mean I sleep at night