All Hallow's Evil - God Eats Children lyrics

No one saw this coming
but you never do
it only takes a second
to taint everything you knew

In the time it takes for your day to start
Your whole world could fall apart

Five years from where you were
did you really think you'd be where you are?
Neither did I...

But it's so easy to blame yourself
So let's not try
Just shut your mouth and sew your eyes
curl up in a ball, let's get ready to die

Now doesn't that feel better still
Well if it doesn't, it soon will

'Cause there's no future from where I stand
While we hope we can
pawn our problems on somebody else
I need the touch of a God, 'cause I can't handle myself

But God is hungry
and he needs to eat

So let's start the feast...

God eats children
He always has
They don't succumb to fate
they're just on his plate
because we lined them up
and put them there
then prayed and hoped as if we cared
Because we didn't see the future coming
Too late to catch, so why start running?
Now when life gets us down
We put our knees on the ground

So if you need us, that's where we'll be
No need to worry, we're not on our feet
Without these prayers, I don't know what we'd do
It's pretty scary when it's only you