All Hallow's Evil - Achromatic Future lyrics

Welcome to the future
hope you enjoyed the ride
No flying cars, no robot maids
you work then fucking die
Didn't mean to disappoint you
yet don't care if you mind
Is this what you wanted?
Just give me a sign

Ask not if you will be saved
ask if you can save yourself
As blackened snow spills from ashen sky
the last dawn fades and the children cry:
"Our blankets are now body bags
waiting to be filled"
Though the sun won't blow away
they'll be no comfort here today
Our dreams were just illusions
waiting to be killed

I see a storm on the horizon
I feel the worst is yet to come
I look to see a new dawn rising
but turn away 'cause there is none

With all we've done how did we go
from astral heights to brimstone lows?

I will see you in the morning
though the dawn will never come