Alida Rohr - Song For The Midway lyrics

The first time I saw you I could tell
That you liked me too, you know
I can remember a certain way you looked at me, yeah.
I could see it in your eyes
I could read it in your thoughts
Yes I could baby,
Yes I could.

Seems like you're looking to find out
Who could your woman be?
Well tonight, Jack, your woman's me.
I said tonight I'm your woman.

And now we're walking together
I want to touch you, yeah.
How can I steal this time away,
The way I want to steal your sweet, sweet kisses, baby?

You say you're sure that you know what you're looking for Jack,
Well tonight I'm your best bet.
I said tonight, take me on, Jack.
Take me on, take me on.

Cause I can't take it any more
Every time I see your face
I wanna tell you so bad
It keeps building up inside of me yeah
It tears me up so bad
I wanna tell you, I wanna tell you so bad.

But darling if you find out
You won't find the ones you're searching for
And tonight I'm yours for sure
I said tonight I'm your woman, Jack.

Oh . . .