Alice Peacock - Send My Heart Back Home lyrics

If I could shake
Your face from my mind
And the way you do those things you do
It's not unkind
Baby when I say
That I wanna get over you

If I knew why
The sky is so blue
If I could trace the clouds
Then smell of your skin
And the way that you're holding me now

'Cause I drink too much when I'm with you
We're bound to start a fight or two
Our timing's never really been just right
When you're around I'm up in flames
Sometimes I'm sure that I'm insane
And there's nothing, nothing I can do

I just wanna get you off my mind
I'm tired of the lying
Tired of the crying
Get out of my dreams
Find some of your own
And send my heart back home

If I know why
I love you so much
That it hurt to the morning sky
And I spend my time
Thinking of your touch
God never made me so wise