Alfa Eridano Akhernar - Bastion Of Kings lyrics

Admire the Exultant King's!
Triumphal arrival!
Sacrificial death to give us strenght!

Brave exultant conquering warriors: We are!
Proud disciples: of death and wisdom
Idolized conquering warriors: kill!
overbearing artwar: to destroy all!

...Kill! ...Raids!

Show power without compassion!
Unmercifull Bringers of hate and death!
Idols conquerors: Raids the Land!
All infidels and scum must die!

...Kill! ...Raids!
...We are the bastion of all Kings!

Brave exultant warriors: We are!
Aberrant hate Icons: we are!
Arrogant and proud eyes!
We write all Laws!

Unbroken ego of the Ancient Kings!
Admire the Exultant King's Triumphal March! arrogant deployment of superb strenght!
insultant to that bastards: We are!

...bastion of kings! ...we are!