Alex Wiley - Ova (2014)

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Alex Wiley - Ova lyrics

I ain’t really shit
I admit it
Clean scope the scene
Hit my dip then I lean
Pretty curls flowin’ out my
fuckin’ fitted
Hella dirt on my jeans
I get lost in my dreams
And we bout to bring that
turn up to yo city
Please don’t get caught slipping’
We fuck yo bitch by committee, baby
Rappin’ in the zone I’m committed
Mackin’ on the phone
Ain’t been home in a minute, n***a
Talkin’ all that bullshit
That shit Ova
I don’t give no fuck about bakin’ soda
That shit Ova, boi
Oh good for you, I heard you servin’ Yola
I can’t go to prison I votin’
That shit Ova, boi.