Alex Wiley & Mick Jenkins - Forever (2014)

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Alex Wiley & Mick Jenkins - Forever lyrics

[Verse 1: Alex Wiley]
Look around never been here before
Never had a beer before
Hustling like it's Thibodeau coaching
I'm rolling up grain 'till the pendulum swings
To the center of frame, hope you get it in focus
I got a little lady lurking, she just be rolling me dope
You never dropped 80 on 'em, never went Kobe before
I had to cop from my new nigga today is hopefully smoking
Wizzle Wiley be the fucking guy how we supposed to be smoking
I been called a lot of things
I done broke a lot of things
I've been known to slaughter things
Fuck that bitch like ba-da-bing
Don't give fucks, it's not a thing
My new bitch be spazzing out think that's a fucked up no father thing
Told bitch don't be bothering me I'm singing

[Hook: Alex Wiley]
I just wanna stay forever
Every night I pray for everyone
I just wanna stay forever and ever

[Verse 2: Mick Jenkins]
Man I been tryna keep it potent
Uh, the team divided but we forever be riding for the people pay attention to the quotient
Uh, it's such a mixture of talent and knowledge and people and purpose and polish all in a potion
Uh, my people blind and they thirsty, they hungry, they hurting, they searching for water I brought an ocean
Uh, but if you think that it looks hopeless yo shit is out of focus don't ever think it's sweet
Because my wrist is not as froze give a fuck about the gold I just do it for the freaks
Been tryna give you the truth, I don't mean to be so blunt, I can offer you some tree
Some ginger ale for your ho, glass of water for your soul, come and hit this THC
I swear one hit is all you need