Alex Wiley - Future Guns (2014)

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Alex Wiley - Future Guns lyrics

Get out
(I'm gone, every time I'm rolling in, I'm gone...)
Ay shouts to Statik Selektah
Ay, bitch your selection
Ay, there's some niggas out here
Ay, that need inspection
Ay, they need the lecture
Ay, [?] election

[Verse 1]
Bitch I regret to inform you all your threats just annoy us
Damn, you can bang that gavel all you wanna
But your honor, bitch, you can’t take my respect or my honor
I’m hot as smoking marijuana in a sauna
Little bitch I’m hot as a pot of tea, Harlem is a part of me
Old white man look down on me
Like “Look here little light skin boy your grandpop was my property”
Don’t let me fuck the game, I’m gon’ need some top at least
Drop the top in Cabo beach, ugh
And every time they suggest I cop a chain or a ring, or a range or a plane
I’mma laugh right in they face, oh my God, I’mma laugh right in they face
Uh, oh, uh, I might cop a school of something
New everything, a new pool or something (new things)
That’s some cool shit to do with something (cool as hell)

(Ay shouts to Statik Selektah man, appreciate it)
(Wrong shit make the beat go Baca (boom boom boom))
(Make the motherfucker drop off)
(Ugh, I got future guns (pew pew pew) got them future guns)