Alex Kaneko - Out Of Reach lyrics

it never changes as the days draw near
I'm still wishing I could disappear
it seems I'll run
till my time is done
and as I brush it all aside
my hopeless hopes words can't describe
the dreams I keep
help me sleep
and I wish for it to be true
I wish to stars and wish for two
but my counting days won't stay
and it's not supposed to end this way

but it wasn't meant to be
and I guess you'll never see
that you'll always be
out of reach for me

and I guess I'll never know
if you noticed the feelings I couldn't show
it's the price I pay
to walk away
regretting all the things I said
trying to walk ahead instead
you're too high for me
but now I'm out of time
and it's now I wish that you were mine
I tired to wait for fate
but now I guess its all too late


I never thought its much
I wasn't tall enough to touch
but all I ever wished for
was something special
with you


out of reach for me.