Aleph - Depths lyrics

Just pretend you're on the bottom of the calm ocean,
and then a little above
fingers that caress the waves, waves caress the whole body
and I don't know whether reaching you,
my vague memory because once lucid
you would be the end of me.
I recall your mother kissing your brow
even the treasure there concealed.
Oh I learned where love grazes death
and how words can fall apart from the heart
that's where the secret lies, with the love and sorrow
of a last kiss

Son of earth born of planets that refuse their dying
before they meet their dawn and sail again,
Son of earth cured I'll glyde again to birth.

What do I really want to recall
- Do I long for the depths I'm looking for ? -
Sinking through silences of colour,
smiling at the tricks of my notes.
The sense hidden in the photograph
is far from the soil you're digging
unexpressed, searched with passion
falls through your fingers
to remain unseen