Alegro - Someone Else (feat. LV) lyrics (Chinese translation). | It's time to change, there's no looking back, i ‘m for real this time, u gotta make a change...
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Alegro - Someone Else (feat. LV) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: It's time to change, there's no looking back, i ‘m for real this time, u gotta make a change...
ZH: 它是改变的时候,有没有回头看看,这次我真的,u 得更改了......

EN: Right now it's time for action
ZH: 现在是采取行动的时候

EN: Addicted to making it happen
ZH: 对实现这一目标上瘾

EN: Flipping the scratch now picture that
ZH: 现在翻转划痕的图片

EN: Oh they mish you mash u – u know they will
ZH: 哦他们 mish 捣碎 u — — 你知道他们会

EN: For this one crack sale
ZH: 这一裂缝出售

EN: U can see me stranded in hell
ZH: 你能看到我被困在地狱

EN: Landed in jail
ZH: 在监狱里登陆了

EN: With my black mail inhail
ZH: 与我黑邮件 inhail

EN: Got a deep concashion from busting no backstubbing hustlers
ZH: 从破坏没有 backstubbing 盗贼有深 concashion

EN: Selling my drugs just to get my ritchs
ZH: 卖我的毒品只是为了得到我的 ritchs

EN: As for is my vision im wishing i'd live my life alittle different
ZH: 至于,是希望我能活到我的生活可不是我视觉 im

EN: People staring at the mirror facing someone else
ZH: 人们在面对别人的镜子盯着

EN: Others doing what they shouldn't,
ZH: 别人做他们不应该的

EN: It was someone else
ZH: 这是别人

EN: People ‘re lying cause they 're trying to be someone else
ZH: 人们在撒谎他们想成为另一个人的事业

EN: It is not you i see with that guy, must be someone else
ZH: 这不是你看那个家伙,一定是别人

EN: Staring at the world throw my rearview
ZH: 我从后视镜盯着世界投掷

EN: Got to keep one eye open sertching for a clear view
ZH: 要保持一只眼睛打开 sertching 的清晰视图

EN: I hear u screaming to god but he cant hear u
ZH: 我听到尖叫到神 u 但他听不到 u

EN: U said he brought us this far look what we been throw
ZH: U 说: 他带给我们这远看我们被扔

EN: Is it fortion and fame now we stuck in the game
ZH: 是它 fortion 和名望现在我们被困在游戏中吗

EN: I spit my soul on this track so u can feel my pain
ZH: 我吐我的灵魂在这条轨道上,所以你能感觉到我的痛苦

EN: It's time to change i don't want to blow out my brains
ZH: 这是改变的时候我不想把吹掉我的脑袋

EN: No more looking in the mirror pointing fingers like i ‘m a player
ZH: 再看手指好像我是一名运动员的一面镜子