Alea Jacta (Ita) - Dismay lyrics

Opposed to the truth,
Self interest,

Desecrates the memory
And Falsity and bliss
Reaches the dark of the mind!

Wicked the cause,
No more respect,

Violence covered the lies
The end of dignity and honour!

Your body could ablaze,
In sacriface,

Toward the grief
That has killed his being!

Darkness! The only light
Lies! The power
Dismay! It's war!

The victory of the feeble morality
Hidding into the thoughts
To cover all the blames
Besmear in the mind into your hide!

Souls empted by frost
Lost in the torment
Fallen in damnation
Victims of desgrace

Possessed by dismay
Comes salvation and take away
The wicked trouble
Free by devastating vice!

Painless! The only way
Lies! The power
Destruction! It's war!